How Ottawa planted the seeds of the deficit

Article content Economist Stephen Gordon offers an easily-understood analysis of Canada’s federal budget situation and how we went from persistent surpluses to persistent deficits. Read the whole thing here and don’t be scared off by the charts — you don’t need an economics degree to follow the bouncing revenue. A few of the intriguing points … Read more

National Post editorial board: Conservatives put caution at heart of platform

Article content Coming, as it does, on the heels of their March 2011 budget, the Conservatives’ election platform offers few surprises. For better and worse, it reiterates many of the party’s budget commitments: a renewal of the ecoENERGY home renovation tax-credit program, increased support for seniors, a children’s arts tax credit, and the purchase of … Read more

RBC first major lender to lower mortgage rates after surprise Bank of Canada cut

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