Maxwell Jacob Friedman Back and Bi’s Workout

It has often been said that the most successful professional wrestlers are the ones who are able to tap into their real-life personalities and turn the volume up to 12. Hulk Hogan, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and Roman Reigns are proof positive that you don’t need fancy gimmicks or wacky ring attire to … Read more

Top 7 Holiday Fitness Tips From Fitness Experts

Fitness experts experience the same problems that we all experience during the holidays. You know the problem during the holidays and other busy times when your routine is almost impossible to follow. That’s why we reached out to these seven fitness experts to get them to share their favorite holiday fitness tips to battle the … Read more

How to Use Counting Steps to Get Lean – Fitness Volt

Exercisers the world over want to lose fat and get lean. They follow strict diets and do exhaustive workouts in their quests for better body composition. And while restrictive eating plans and intense training programs can work, they’re often unsustainable. As a result, while the latest fat-loss diet and workout may help you lose weight … Read more

3 Ways to Add Active Recovery to Your Workout Routine

Tonal’s Active Recovery features help you dial back the intensity now so you can see big gains later.  Active recovery is an essential part of any effective training program. That’s why Tonal offers Active Recovery features that will help you maintain your momentum (and your Strength Score) without overtraining. “The goal is to shift your … Read more

The NFL Academy is Leading the Way In Athletic Development

With a hand in developing some of the world’s most celebrated athletes, like Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer Adam Peaty and athletics icon Lord Sebastian Coe, along with marathon legend Paula Radcliffe and former England Rugby Coach, Sir Clive Woodward, Loughborough University in England is now home to the first official NFL Academy, anywhere in the … Read more

What It Is and How To Fix and Prevent It

Knee valgus can significantly hinder your lifting progress and set you back on your strength and muscle gain goals. However, most lifters have no clue they are suffering from knee valgus until someone points it out to them.  Per Physiopedia, valgus knee or knock knee is a lower leg deformity where the bone at the knee … Read more

How to Set Goals | Fitness Goals and How to Achieve Them

Bridge the intention-behavior gap and build better goal-setting habits so you accomplish all your plans. When a friend asks for a ride, you’re there. Your boss pings you with an assignment, and you smoke that deadline. But when we make a promise to ourselves—no takeout this week, punch in three workouts, start saving for retirement—suddenly … Read more

Top 5 Ways For a Stress-Free and Fit Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, which means you’re most likely trying to keep your healthy habits in check and hopefully reach your goal of keep it a fit holiday season. After all, you’ve worked hard in the gym (and probably harder in the kitchen) all year long and want nothing to do with totally falling off the … Read more

How To, Benefits, Muscles Worked

Many people have a hard time performing compound lower body exercises like the squat, lunge, and Romanian deadlift because of a lack of mobility and muscular stiffness. Adding yoga poses to your daily regimen can help improve your performance in the gym by boosting your flexibility and enhancing your core strength. Plus, better mobility can … Read more

How Much Protein Do I Need a Day?

As an athlete, you may need more protein than you think to build and maintain muscle. While the nutrition industry tends to toggle between carbohydrates and fats as the dietary “villain” of the moment, protein generally remains a nutritional hero. (Spoiler: You need all three for a healthy, balanced diet). But if your goal is … Read more